May 31, 2012


Hello again, Bloggers! haha. I miss posting my looks. lol but I only have little time for photoshoot and posting. I have other stuff to do also. But I'll still try to post more of my outfits and the like everyday as much as I can. Sorry for blurry photos again. Hmm, Maybe the next post... I'll use a digital camera, cause what I'm using at the moment is just my iPad so forgive me for blurry photos. Well, my DSLR is not working yet for now but, I'll be trying to make it work as soon as possible. And for this post I'll only be able to post two photos. I hope you'll be able to understand. Okay, let's focus on the outfit now. haha.

So, Anyways... Sorry again for these blurry photos. I promise I'll make my cam work and be able to post good resolution photos, for you.

Okay, My look is called "VANILLA" because my top's color really looks like one. haha. and pretend it's an ice cream and you'll see the colorful toppings which is the "writings" on my top. It's colorful. I swear. Oh and btw this look really reminds me of VANILLA ICE CREAM. haha lol.

Oh. Again, I'm really sorry for recently posting blurry photos. Despite my broken camera. So I hope you understand. 

I Hope you liked my post. (Even if the photos are blurry) haha. I'm unli. lol 

To see where I get my clothes/ accessories/etc, check out the labels of this look below. :)

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