August 5, 2012

Neon Colors

I'm Feeling so bright today! Haha. Yellow top with red orange shorts :) lol. Loving the neon colors these days.... I seriously want those neon accessories like Laureen Uy, it's very cute. Guess I don't have time to buy Huhu. Too busy with school. Sorry to keep you waiting :( :)) So here's a new outfit post! Yaayy!! :) 
I'm being so random again. lol  Sorry.

Okay, So on to my outfit. 
As you can see that both top and shorts are in NEON COLORS <3
I'm lovin' neons now haha.

Yellow & Gray Stripes Top || Mango

Red Orange Skittle Shorts || The Trunk Show

Belt || Details (Power Plant Mall)

Eiffel Tower Necklace || Girl Shoppe

Sorry to keep you all waiting. Thank you so so much to all those who visit my blog! <3 
I appreciate it so much. Hihi, Just a beginner here when it comes to blogging. 
And I have school, so I can't promise that I can post my outfit photos all the time.
But here is another outfit post. Sorry for the Delay! And I hope you all like it. :) 
And Stay home if possible. It's raining so hard and most roads aren't passable.  

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