March 16, 2013


It's such a lazy lazy Saturday for me. *sighs* Gosh, forgive me.. I'm seriously hating on my hair right now :( :) Ohwell. So on this outfit, I decided to be more fun and playful. I wore something that would be more comfortable than usual. Lol. As you can see, my background looks so colorful, the playground. Yay!!

                Outfit of the day:

Top || Cotton On

 Awkward foot hmmm...

*awkward* I wasn't ready wahaha


Colorful Bracelet || Girl Shoppe;
 Pink & Gold Bracelet || (just a gift); 
Ribbon connector ring || Girl Shoppe

Flats || Tory Burch

*Thanks to Erika for making this photoshoot possible and for helping me too. :)

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